VIDEO: 4 Distractions That Keep You from Reaching Your Goals (and How to Eliminate Them)

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Do you get distracted easily and find yourself procrastinating on important tasks? In today’s video post, I reveal four harmful time-wasters that may be limiting your ability to pursue your dreams. Once you eliminate these distractions, you will have the time and energy you need to make progress on your big goals.

In the video, I share some helpful tips you can use to get rid of four common distractions that often lead to procrastination on your goals.

1. Watching too much TV

Remember, the more time you spend watching television, the less time you have available to take action on your dreams. If you’re a TV show-junkie, challenge yourself to cancel your cable package for a month and limit your overall TV time to no more than one hour per week. You will notice that you actually have much more free time to work on your goals! Plus, you’ll have a little extra money from not having to pay for cable :)

2. Spending a lot of random time on social media

We all know that social media can be a huge time suck, but many people justify it by saying they are “socializing” with their friends. If you find yourself scrolling through photos and status updates for hours at a time, you’re definitely wasting the opportunity to use that time to build your business, write your book, exercise, hang out with your “real” friends and family or any other activity you want to pursue. Try cutting back on your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest time. Give yourself no more than one hour a day to “check in” and connect with people online. Then go live your life!

3. Participating in unfulfilling relationships just to “pass the time”

There are some people in your life that don’t really need to be there. These are the friends that do nothing but bring you down or take, take, take and never give you much back in return. If you’re surrounded by people who don’t add anything to your life, it limits your ability to grow. Look around your circle of friends, family and romantic partners and see if it’s time to end those relationships that you’re only hanging onto because they’re familiar ways to “pass the time.” You don’t have to allow yourself to be distracted by people you don’t want to be around anyway.

4. Trying to live other people’s lives for them

It can be really difficult to watch loved ones making mistakes, over and over. But you can’t keep beating your head against a wall trying to “fix” their situations for them. When you focus on how other adults are living their lives, it leaves less time for you to fully live your own. Choose to step back from other people’s drama and shift your energy back where it belongs – on you.

If you’ve been making slow progress on your goals, it may be time for you to stop looking for distractions! Stop channel-surfing to find something “good” on TV. Stop scrolling through Facebook and Instagram photos of people you don’t even know. Stop reading the latest celebrity gossip blogs to find out who’s dating who this week. Please…just STOP. Life is too short to waste energy on things that don’t really matter.

Be conscious of how you spend your time and make sure you’re using it in a way that honors your values and goals. (click here to tweet this quote!)

Leave a comment: Which one of these distractions do you struggle with the most?



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  1. Jamilla Webb

    Rosetta, I love your Blog and I hope I get the chance to meet you at the “Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation” conference in Baltimore next week. I agree 1000% percent with everything you said. I think I will use your quote at the end of this post for my #MotivationMonday quote next week.

    I have actually made progress in all of your suggestions, however I find at this time my biggest vice is comfort. Once I get home after working 10 hours I desire to sleep after dinner when I should be reading, journaling and working out at least 20min (which are my daily small goals.) My off days, I usually do well.

    Also regarding social media, we really DO NOT know a person unless we are around them to observe and absorb their actions and engage them in conversation. Seeing the finished product of success makes it easy to forget all of the tears & hard work that went to accomplishing the set goal. Outside of that, everything is a manipulated image. I used to scroll through and look at others saying to myself “I wish….”. However I’m so glad that I have increased self esteem & confidence now. My desire to compare has diminished which has given me more time, and seeing others’ dreams come true makes me want to go even harder to actualize dreams.

    Rosetta I wish you and all my sisters that use this site as inspiration, continued success and growth. When we truly decide to pour all of ourselves into ourselves, we find that the time for negativity disappears. :-)

  2. Carol Roberts

    Your video was right on time as usual. Thank you for sharing the truth. Continue to shine!

  3. My rule is no TV during the week, it has made me immensely more productive. I really need to address #2 and set boundaries for myself for social media that is not related to my business!

  4. This so resonates with me, particularly 3 and 4 and I literally just published a blog post on my website today talking about the growth I have made in my life since addressing the points you made in 3 and 4. They are not the easiest areas of your life to tackle, however for me personally since getting both areas in check, the positive impact it has had has been unbelievable. I’ve never really been a TV person and like Jennifer mentioned, I have turned off all notifications and only logon to social media with a purpose. I also have a personal agreement with myself that I can only logon once I have done something productive for my business.

  5. My biggest distraction is Social Media, especially Facebook! It’s like a black hole! I would literally jump each time I received a notification on my phone — meaning my phone was in control, not me! I’ve since removed notifications and am more strategic about my usage. I set a goal or purpose for logging into Facebook. So, that means I’m not spending time on the home feed, but instead giving and gaining value in private Facebook Groups or connecting with people in my niche.

    The only T.V. show I watch is Scandal! :) It’s more of a treat for me for working hard the rest of the week!

    (I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. It didn’t work the first time!)

    • Marcia Collins

      Thank you…for the most part I am truly intentional about who and what I do with my time. The only time I watch tv is during the Law and Order marathon. special treat.

      I have set times during the week I work on my business, and I set times I write for grad school.

      Excited I am truly seeing the fruits of my labor. Thank you for your continuous encouragement and wisdom.