A Review of 2013 and My Theme Word for 2014

Celebrating New Year 2014

Last week, I sent out my free year-end reflection tool as a gift to Happy Black Woman email subscribers: The Annual Review/Preview Guide. I completed my own privately, but I wanted to share just a few of my 2013 reflections and 2014 intentions with you. If you haven’t done some sort of annual review yet, I highly encourage you to set aside some time to do so this week. Reflection is one of the most powerful tools for personal development. And hey, it’s free!

What I Want to Remember About 2013

What was the most valuable lesson I learned this year?

This year, I learned how to stay in gratitude for every thing that comes into my life. Every experience, every person, every opportunity, every challenge is meant to teach me something about how to become a better person. I see now that it’s all meant for my good, to help me live with more love and compassion for other people. Even in my most stressful moments related to my business, my family and my romantic relationships, I was able to step back and see the bigger picture. I embraced the truth that I’m not meant to suffer and that I am always in control of my emotions and my actions.

What was the best book, song and/or movie I discovered (or rediscovered) this year?

I listened to Beyonce’s inspirational song “I Was Here” a lot this year. It really resonates with me as a theme song for my life and the legacy that I want to leave. Although I’ve heard it a million times, I still get emotional every time I hear it. It’s a reminder that my life isn’t even really about me. Ultimately, it’s about the people I help, the lives I touch, the love I give and the work that I do to make the world a better place. It grounds me in the truth that my life is my message – and that message can inspire other people long after I die. 

What was the best city, state or country I discovered (or rediscovered) this year?


At the crazy Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand!

This spring, I took a trip to Koh Tao, Thailand with Project Getaway. Thailand was a major country on my bucket list! I enjoyed the food, the beaches and just the very different experience of being in Asia. I wrote about my journey and experiences during my trip to Thailand in the following travel diary series:

What was the biggest personal milestone I reached this year? (these can be goals you reached in the areas of lifestyle & fun, money & finances, health & wellness, family & friends, love & romance or personal growth & spirituality)


Enjoying all the beautiful beaches in Hawaii!

After talking about it for years, I finally moved away from the Washington, DC area to my dream location of Honolulu, Hawaii! It was actually my trip to Thailand and meeting so many other young location-independent entrepreneurs through Project Getaway that pushed me to take the leap.

What professional accomplishments (at work or in my business) am I most proud of this year?


Leading my first Happy Black Woman weekend retreat in DC!

So many amazing things happened in my business this year, but I’m most proud of leading my first Happy Black Woman weekend retreat in DC and being able to increase my income by 30%. This is the first year since I quit my job and took my business full-time that I earned more money than I made at my last job! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you simply set bigger goals for yourself and your business.

What I Want to Bring Into My Life in 2014

What do I deserve more of in 2014? 

I deserve more dedicated writing and wandering and wondering time. I deserve the gift of more lazy days where I have nothing on my calendar but going to the beach. I also deserve more romance.

What 3 personal milestones do I most want to reach in the coming year? (these can be goals in the areas of lifestyle & fun, money & finances, health & wellness, family & friends, love & romance or personal growth & spirituality)

  1. Build a romantic relationship with a man who is fun, compassionate and interesting.
  2. Pay down all of my consumer debt.
  3. Grow a new circle of friends and colleagues who are all on the path to personal growth.

What 3 professional accomplishments do I most want to see for myself next year? (these can be goals in the area of career & work for my job and/or business)

  1. Help 1,000 women to create their ideal lives through one-on-one coaching, online courses, workshops, retreats and live events.
  2. Increase my income by 50%. (And keep more of it!)
  3. Partner with colleagues I admire and grow my email list by at least 100%.

What do I want to learn in 2014?

I want to learn how to swim! This beautiful island would be even more fun if I wasn’t scared to venture beyond a few feet of water in the ocean.

What do I want to cross off of my “bucket list” in 2014?

Go skydiving or bungee jumping! Yep, I want to jump out of somebody’s plane and feel like I’m flying at least once in my life.

My Theme Word(s) for 2014: Build & Grow

The intention that I want to take into 2014 is to build and grow what I’ve created over the past few years. I have a brand and community that I can serve in a much broader and deeper way. I have relationships that I can grow and nurture as I pursue my personal and professional goals. I have opportunities to play a bigger game in my business and motivate many more women to live the lives they really want. I have a heart that is wide open to the possibility of meeting someone that I can build a strong romantic relationship with.

In the coming year, I’m ready to take the sage advice of the lovely Afrobella (who co-hosted the Chicago HBW Happy Hour with me this year!) and “rise to the occasion.” My hope is that we will all rise together in 2014 and do what is it we were put here on earth to do. Here’s to an amazing year of growth!

Leave a comment: What theme word or phrase will you be taking with you into 2014?



Comments & Feedback:

  1. Josette

    My word for 2014 since the inception of the year has been “self-worth”. My intention going forward is to continuously work at ” raising my self worth”. Thanks Rosetta; I hope to meet you one day.


  2. I have just discovered this website. Happy Black Woman. Been reading the whole evening and this has made the most impact on my life. At 54yrs never new how reviewing past year and intention for next year can really give direction to one. Thank you so much.

  3. Happy New Year, Rosetta! Interestingly, I didn’t want to rush to assign a theme word because nothing in particular felt right….until last night when I realized momentum is a perfect description of how I feel the last few months have been going and how I want 2014 to pan out. Keeping it movin’ has taken on a different meaning :-).

    All the best for a successful year of building and growing!

  4. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!! My word for the year is “building.” Building my business, Building my brand, Building my confidence, Building my family and Building my $. I am ready and excited for 2014. Can’t wait to start the Launch Your Business Bootcamp. Best wishes to you for 2014!

  5. I wanted to say it’s great that you put learning to swim on your to-do list for the year. I did this a few years ago when I turned 30. My daughter still thinks I am terrible but at least I can get in the pool and go a few laps (before grabbing a kickboard). A great teacher makes all the difference.

    I am still working on my list but already know a few things I am getting off my plate in 2014 and transitioning to others so I can make room for my priorities.

  6. For this year, I think my theme will be “Invest with Intention.” One of colleagues died a few days ago. A young man. 38. I know that we always hear it, but life is way short and you won’t have time for everything so you can to invest your time in things that matter the most.

  7. My theme word would be “Putting thoughts into action” I, like many others like to think, think, think, but NEVER DO because of fear. I read so many inspirational quotes, books, websites and what not and even share some of my knowledge with others, but I just keep everything in.

  8. My theme for 2014 is: The Year of Action. 2013 has been a year of learning and it’s now time to put what I’ve learned into action. Thank you Rosetta for helping me to get there! I’m sooooo excited about 2014! :-)

  9. Angel

    I actually did your rewind during the holiday and had so much fun answering the questions. I actually have kept them in a 2014 journal so I can reference it. For 2013 my word was Live and I can honestly say I did more of that than ever. For 2014 my word started out as discipline but I came up with the phrase “Stick with It”. I felt that encompassed more of what I wanted to do in the areas of healthy living, routine, financial freedom, and spiritual growth.