Don’t Let Your “Haters” Be Your Motivators (Do This Instead)

Let’s talk about “haters” today.

I put that word in quotation marks because this term has become very popular in recent years. But the truth is, you don’t have “haters.” What you DO have are people who don’t like you and people who don’t support your success.

So, when people say “I let my haters be my motivators” what they’re really saying is, “I care a lot about what the people who don’t like me think about me.”

Sure, it sounds kind of catchy, in a “you go girl!” sort of way, but when you think about it…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Launch Your Business LIVE 3-Day Boot Camp


You may have heard that registration is now OPEN for our upcoming Launch Your Business LIVE 3-Day Boot Camp happening June 27-29 in downtown Atlanta, Georgia! 

We already have some amazing, creative women coming to join us from all over the country.

Will you be one of them?


Here are 7 reasons why you should attend the Launch Your Business LIVE 3-Day Boot Camp:

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No Marijuana in the Hotel Room? 3 Speaking Tips from the Mile High City


I’m on the road again…this time in Denver, Colorado to serve as a keynote speaker for a nonprofit conference being held at a local university.

Something interesting you may know about Colorado is that the state recently passed a law legalizing marijuana. My driver told me a bit about it on the ride from the airport and how the law is already helping the city’s economy.

But I still did a double take when I checked into my hotel.

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What a 4-Hour Flight Delay Taught Me About Happiness

Speak to Sell Pics.jpgI had a great time in Las Vegas this weekend at a sales training with one of my business mentors, Lisa Sasevich! At the event, I met a ton of creative entrepreneurs who are doing BIG things in their businesses.

I can’t stress enough just how important it is to invest in yourself and get the ongoing training, support and inspiration you need to achieve your business goals. And of course it helps when you also get to have fun with awesome people along the way :)

On the way back to Hawaii, I had my usual layover in Los Angeles at LAX. But what was supposed to be a one-hour layover turned into a 4-hour flight delay. Upon hearing this news, I was NOT a happy black woman. I was pissed!

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How Much Money Do You Need to Start Your Business?

Balancing the Accounts. Calculator, pen

Every time I give a business workshop or training, I get some form of this question:

How much money do I need to start my business?

Actually, it’s usually more of a definitive statement like, “I wish I could start my business, but I don’t have the funding.”

What I’ve learned is that most people have very unrealistic expectations of what it really takes to get a business off the ground. Many seem to think that you have to have a lot of money to start making money.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

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How to Create a Personal Altar in Your Home (Even if You Have a Small Space)

1545648_866836023342365_2693814071271888944_n As a faithful student of personal growth and the field of positive psychology, I’m a big fan of any practice that invites more happiness and fulfillment into our lives. Over the years, I’ve developed many habits that have enhanced my outlook on life and helped me achieve some of my big goals.

Now there is one tool that I’ve been wanting to incorporate into my life for a long time…a personal altar! There are a lot of different variations out there, but a personal altar is essentially a sacred space in your home that serves as a “spiritual center” where you can focus on being your highest self. It also consists of specific items meant to invite positive energy into your life. Last week, I took the time to gather all of the items I needed to set mine up and I can already feel the powerful spiritual shift it’s made in my living space.

Here are some basic guidelines you can use to create your own personal altar…even if you have a small space!

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6 Simple Ways to Make Time for Your Business


One of the biggest excuses people use for not making progress on their business goals can be summed up in one deflating, five-word sentence:


First of all, I can tell you right now that if you’re using this excuse, you’re flat-out lying to yourself. Let’s just keep it real here, shall we? We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And everyone is busy. So the truth is, some of us use our time wisely and some of us waste our precious “free time” on things that don’t even matter. It’s up to you how to spend the limited time that you DO have.

When I work with private clients and students, we take a close look at their calendar and create a 20-hour weekly schedule to maximize productivity in their business.

Here are six simple ways to make time for your business (or any goal, really), even if you have a demanding full-time job, kids and a husband at home!

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How to Make Consistent Progress on Your Goals

Woman On Her Cell Phone

“Start by starting.” - Meryl Streep

It’s nice to daydream and set big goals for yourself, but for you to start seeing some real results in your life, you need to start putting some real stuff out there in the universe. And the best way to do that is to simply do one thing every single day in pursuit of your goals.

Just imagine – that’s 365 actions you’d be taking over the course of a year. With that much effort and focus, there’s no way you wouldn’t make progress on even the BIGGEST dreams you have for your life.

Here’s how to get started on this powerful path to build momentum on your journey.

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Behind the Scenes of a 4-City Tour: A Brief Guide to Planning Live Events on a Budget

HBW Tour Collage.jpg

Some of my favorite photos from our last 2 tours!

I’m writing this at 7:00am in Honolulu. The sun is rising above the palm trees. I’m sitting at my favorite table in my favorite coffee shop, drinking something called an “island breakfast tea” and nibbling on a warm, crumbly blueberry muffin.

In just a couple of days, I’ll be on a flight from HNL to LAX (my life will be lived in airport codes this month) for our first Launch Your Business Tour stop in Los Angeles. This will be the THIRD year in a row that I’ve gone on tour to different cities to meet and connect with women in our Happy Black Woman community all over the country. In the past, we’ve had women travel from as far as Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina to our DC events and this year is no different. There will be women traveling from several states away to each tour stop so they can participate in what will be a powerful, low-cost live training and networking opportunity!

But there are a few BIG changes with this year’s tour that I’m both excited and honestly, a little nervous about. Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of what I’ve been dreaming up for the last few months. I wanted to share this with you today, from my heart, because I know you may be thinking about hosting your own events and might be a little afraid to get out there with your message.

Because the truth is…this year’s tour is the culmination of a lot of planning and marketing and fear.

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