Plan for Plan A

Most of us have a Plan A, but we’re so afraid that it won’t happen that we spend most of our time on Plan B.

What’s Plan A? Plan A is your ideal life narrative. It’s what you really want your life to look like. It’s YOUR dream, not what everyone else thinks you should do.

Plan B is the “secure route.” It’s all the stuff you’re doing right now to put off making decisions about your life. It’s that job you hate. It’s the city you’ve been ready to leave. It’s all the relationships you’ve grown out of.

The problem with Plan B?

If you spend too much time on it, your Plan A will never happen.

What does planning for Plan A look like? It looks like starting that business you’ve been talking about for years. It looks like actually taking your “what ifs” seriously and figuring out how to make them happen. By any means necessary.

It looks like finally bursting out of your cocoon.

Where are you spending most of your time right now? Plan A or Plan B?



Comments & Feedback:

  1. I woke up in the middle of the night with my laptop right beside me and this website was still up. Before reading this I thought I didn’t even have a clear plan B and absolutely no Plan A. I recently lost my job and have been in such a rut that I have forgotten all of my plans and for that matter how to dream. As I sat here it started slowly coming back to me. I remember a few months ago when I knew that I might lose my job. I told myself I would work on my body and start dancing again. I mean really dedicating myself. I also wanted to learn and compete in Latin ballroom. I even sought out a coach before I lost my job and lost my way. I miss dancing. But,I’ve never thought of my dancing as something to take seriously. Just more like a hobby. Earlier today I was offered an opportunity to dance again and basically turned it down. Making up excuses about being out of shape and yadda, yadda, bullcrap (crazy right). Today I intend to take this offer more seriously, give it closer look and real consideration.

    • It’s amazing how often the universe will serve us up exactly what we want, but then we don’t take the opportunities. Hope you get back to dancing soon :)

  2. Kjen

    Hah! I’m gearing up for my ‘Plan B’ right now. But for me – who has suffered from chronic negative thinking patterns, self-doubt – even my Plan B dreams seemed too large. Interesting enough, once I made up my mind to “go for it” and I started accomplishing things. I felt stronger, more self assured. I recognize the danger of focusing too much on Plan B, but I feel as if this has also given me the energy, strength and confidence to really admit what I want – how much I want it, and that there are different ways to achieve it. It’s not the fairy tale fantasy Plan A of my dreams, but I am growing my faith that I can actually reach it.

    • Kjen

      Oh and in case it didn’t come across in the text – I meant the “Hah” as in “Dang, Rosetta has reached inside my head and pointed out a really good point. Again!”
      Not “hah” as in “Oh, she’s wrong about this one.”

    • I love hearing your experiences and so glad you’re sharing them here! You make a really great point that Plan B can give you the confidence to go after Plan A.

      Just remember that it would be a shame if you leave this earth having never tried to reach your true dream, which you totally 100% deserve.