Testimonials from Speaking Clients:

“I so appreciate all the industry research you did, designing your presentation to really hit home for my attendees. A lovely, surprising bonus.” –  Trish Patterson, VP of Education, Tennessee Credit Union League

“Thanks so much for being a part of the Knight Fellows Program. I heard time and time again from the Fellows that they found your program to be at once very powerful and enlightening … I so appreciate the thoughtful approach you took with them. Breathing space to think about our own individual paths is hard to come by these days and you reminded us all how important that should be and truly is.” – Mara Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Americans for the Arts

“I was privileged to engage Rosetta to be our closing keynote speaker at the Association of Fundraising Professionals Arizona Statewide Conference in August 2012. Rosetta provided an energetic, informative presentation that was well received by our participants. Her speaking style is very approachable and clearly she has an excitement about her topic and the philanthropic sector. I highly recommend Rosetta as a speaker.” –  Alice Ferris, Board President, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Northern Arizona Chapter

“One of the best sessions of the conference. I left feeling reenergized and inspired.” – Texas nonprofit leader

“Rosetta amazed me! This wasn’t just another session about time management. Rosetta forced us to define our personal values, look at how we are spending our time and finally to write a personal mission statement. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time.” – Kimberley M.

“Thank you for such an invigorating webinar. I really enjoyed listening to all of your tips.” – Eliana Velez, National Hispana Leadership Institute

“Rosetta Thurman is a fantastic speaker and gave all in attendance some great food for thought.” – Kevin H.

“I came for career tips and left with a greater sense of self.” – career workshop attendee

Testimonials from Coaching Clients:

“Within 3 months, I attracted my ideal client!”

“When I approached Rosetta to be my business coach, I really needed focus and direction for my entrepreneurial endeavors. I had just launched a digital marketing and communications firm and wasn’t exactly sure what my next steps were. After a couple of coaching calls with Rosetta I found focus, defined my target audience, and thought of some creative ways to enter my local market on less than a shoe-string budget. Within 3 months I attracted my ideal client!” – Lynette Davis, A Plus D Media

“Rosetta helped me grow my email list to several hundred readers and start a Youtube cooking channel that now has nearly 2,000 subscribers.”

“Before I booked my business coaching session with Rosetta, I was thinking about starting my business but wasn’t sure where to begin. Rosetta provided me with a lot of practical strategies to grow my email subscription to several hundred followers and the confidence to start and grow a Youtube cooking channel with nearly 2,000 subscribers. Rosetta is passionate about taking women to the next level in their business and I highly recommend her as a coach.” – Monique, Brown Vegan
“As a result, I now teach cooking classes for children and adults, have written my first e-book, and coach other women in achieving better health and wellness.”
“I loved working with Rosetta Thurman in her group business coaching program.  When I started, I had a vague idea of what I wanted. I had a small food and women’s health blog, but no real idea on how to turn that into a profitable business. What I needed most was confidence in my own ideas. Rosetta gave me laser-focused support to help me hone in on my blogging niche. As a result, I now teach cooking classes for children and adults, have written my first e-book, and coach other women in achieving better health and wellness.” –  Halona Black, Culinary Nutritionist, Garlic & Lemons, LLC

Testimonials from Launch Yourself Graduates:

“As a result of the course, I was able to obtain clarity about my business goals; define my ideal target market and so much more!”

“When I saw the opportunity on HBW for me to progress in my career, I was elated! Launch Yourself came at the perfect time. So many times I had visions of what I wanted to accomplish, but didn’t know how to begin the process. One of the first things I learned was to START taking steps. The more steps I took, the better I felt about launching my business/purpose. As a result of the course, I was able to obtain clarity about my business goals; define my ideal target market and so much more! I made a tremendous amount of progress in just 4 weeks! The weekly assignments were engaging. I received encouragement, feedback and unconditional support. I also enjoyed meeting and learning about other women and their businesses. One of my favorite quotes is: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Thank you Rosetta for appearing when I was ready!” – Tracy Ricks, Artist with a Purpose

“If you have any doubts about this course – it’s worth the investment in yourself and your business. I received way more in value than what the course cost.”

“Launch Yourself is a superb program to launch your business. Prior to the course, all the tasks required to start a business overwhelmed me. Frankly, I formed an LLC and didn’t have the slightest idea what to do after that. Through Launch Yourself, I narrowed my focus, developed my niche and discovered my target market. One of the assignments in the course is to work on a professional website. With a few key pages published, by Week 3 I started to receive invitations to meet and connect for business purposes from social media sites where I listed my website in the about me section. During week 4, your assignment is to Launch Yourself. I used the templates supplied by Rosetta and followed her directions to the “T.” It was scary, but I felt the fear and I did it anyway. Within a few hours of launching myself, I had 33 Facebook likes on my business page, three downloads of my special report for newsletter subscribers and a request for a personal consultation. Over the next 24 hours, I received a total of 48 Facebook likes, three offers to conduct workshops on the topic covered in my special report from a former colleague, one request to guest speak at the Community College of Philadelphia, one offer from a former professor to aid in designing a curriculum for elementary school students, two additional newsletter subscribers, and two business referrals for my services. The greatest benefit of the course is that by Week 3, I felt comfortable having conversations about me and what I offered. I started marketing my business and cold calling to share my services. If you have any doubts about this course – it’s worth the investment in yourself and your business. I received way more in value than what the course cost. Rosetta is easy to follow and understand. She provides you with an outline of the course materials and walks you through the assignments. I could have never done this on my own.” –  Quanisha M. Smith, Inspire Growing Minds, LLC

Testimonials from 31 Days to Reset Your Life Participants:

“Great book! i learned a lot about my life after going through the exercises. Definitely recommend this to anyone who needs help finding a direction in life.” – Kayla Gombotsh

“I like doing regular self assessments and I found this to be very targeted and helpful. Instead of a generalized look at yourself, you look at seven key areas in your life to see what needs adjusting in your life. I found it so helpful that I’m doing a second reset just six months after the first one because my life has been altered so much and so positively by the changes I’ve made.” – Ennovy

“I completed the Reset in April, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you’s to Rosetta for helping me see my life in a whole new way!!!” – Tiffany

“The 31 Day Reset changed my life. In about 30 days I researched and ended up in grad school actually taking classes. THANK YOU!” – Cynthia

“The Life Map was an amazing exercise and I’m going to encourage all of my friends to do it. There’s nothing like actually writing everything down and literally visualizing your life in an organized manner to motivate you. I’ve been introduced to a whole new me. I realized that my life is actually in MY hands nothing is left to fate. THANK YOU.” – Reinah

“My favorite exercise was the Life Narrative – I really enjoyed seeing what my life could be and I am more determined to make it happen! I am going to print out my life narrative and tape it to the top of my laptop so that I never lose focus again! Time to “keep my eyes on the prize!” – Anne

“What I liked most about the program is the variety of exercises. I felt that participating in the reset was an all encompassing challenge, I was forced to take an honest look at myself in several areas and I appreciated that. What I liked most about the reset was creating the personal mission statement, I really enjoyed writing and re-writing the statement until it really fit for my life.” – Danielle

“So I gave it a try and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I’ve ever done. It really helped me figure out what I wanted for my life, weed out negativity, and focus on making a brighter future happen for me.” – Miss Divyn

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