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Speaker Rosetta ThurmanWould you like to invite Rosetta to speak at your next event, conference or retreat? She has worked successfully with small groups of 10 people up to large audiences of 400 attendees, including women’s organizations, nonprofits, businesses, associations, foundations, young professionals groups, fellowship programs, colleges, universities and civic groups.

Rosetta has spoken at more than 100 events around the world with a diverse client list that includes YWCA, American Association of University Women (AAUW), Rutgers University, AARP and many more.

When you book Rosetta as a speaker, your group will not only be motivated to improve their lives, businesses and careers, but they will also leave equipped with new information that they can use right away. She is committed to serving your audience and helping to make sure that your organization looks good in the process!

To book Rosetta to speak at your next event, please email us at support@happyblackwoman.com or call (213) 545-2068.

Most Requested Speaking Topics

Rosetta’s speeches and workshops are inspiring, interactive and informative, designed to help participants take immediate action. The topics below can be delivered as a keynote, conference breakout session, corporate/nonprofit training or webinar. Additional topics can be customized at your request.

Rosetta Thurman

Find Your Purpose: How to Develop a Personal Mission Statement and Create a Clear Roadmap for Your Life

Most organizations have a mission statement to guide their work. But imagine how much more focused you could be if YOU had a mission statement for your life? Having a clear outline of what’s most important to you, what you want to achieve, and, ultimately, who you want to become can lead to a more rewarding life. Everyone has a purpose for being on earth, yet most of us are not fully aware of why we’re here or what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives. To date, I have taught hundreds of people all over the country how to develop their own personal mission statements. This powerful self-discovery workshop will guide you through a useful process that will forever change the way you live your life.

During this session, participants will discover:

  • A simple, yet effective way to evaluate your life for authenticity and alignment
  • My step-by-step method for developing a Personal Mission Statement, one of the most powerful tools available for getting clarity on your life’s purpose
  • Why it’s so important to identify your core values and pay attention to how they show up in your personal and professional life
  • How to design an inspiring Purpose Plan with specific action steps you can implement right away to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Practical ways to prioritize your happiness, find balance and begin living a more meaningful life
Powerful Goal-Setting: 7 Steps to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

What does it really take to live the life of your dreams? For most of us, it takes courage, determination and a whole lot of work! Believe it or not, the journey starts in your mind. The first step is actually getting out of your own way so you can stop making excuses and sabotaging your own success. This session will teach you how to release your attachment to unproductive thoughts and reclaim the inspiring vision you have for your life.

During this session, participants will discover:

  • Why it’s so important to figure out your true purpose in life
  • How to overcome three negative thought patterns that may be holding you back from living your ideal life
  • A set of 7 practical, proven strategies to help you make progress on your goals
hbwatlanta-1891Launch Your Business! 5 Steps to Start Getting Paid to Do What You Love

Are you ready to transition from having a fun hobby to starting a real business? If you already have a business idea but you’ve been procrastinating on putting yourself “out there” for far too long, this workshop is for you! In this training, you will learn how to implement Rosetta’s 5-step system to get your business off the ground. This interactive workshop will equip you with the confidence, inspiration and direction you need to launch your business this year.

During this session, participants will discover:

  • Why you DON’T have to have all your ducks in a row to launch your business this year
  • The secret to shifting your mindset and eliminating limiting beliefs that are holding you back from getting paid to do what you love
  • How to manage your time so that you can overcome procrastination and stay focused on your business goals
  • The 10 different streams of income you can create based on your passion, skills, expertise and experience
  • The 5 essential steps you can take now to get your business off the ground this year
Blogging 101: How to Build a Professional Blog to Promote Your Brand, Grow Your Business and Become Known as a Leader in Your Industry

RosettaHWHNDo you feel frustrated with the process of getting your blog off the ground? This session will show you exactly how to create your professional blog, build your personal brand online and become known as a leader in your industry.

During this session, participants will discover:

  • How to define your personal brand, share your expertise and become known as a thought leader in your  industry
  • Tips for writing blog posts that everyone will want to read and share
  • Strategies to boost your blog’s traffic, comments and shares
  • The easiest ways to earn money with your blog

To book Rosetta to speak at your next event, please email us at support@happyblackwoman.com or call (213) 545-2068.

“They found your program to be at once very powerful and enlightening…”

“Thanks so much for being a part of the Knight Fellows Program. I heard time and time again from the Fellows that they found your program to be at once very powerful and enlightening … I so appreciate the thoughtful approach you took with them. Breathing space to think about our own individual paths is hard to come by these days and you reminded us all how important that should be and truly is.”

— Mara Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Americans for the Arts

“Rosetta provided an energetic, informative presentation…”

“I was privileged to engage Rosetta to be our closing keynote speaker at the Association of Fundraising Professionals Arizona Statewide Conference in August 2012. Rosetta provided an energetic, informative presentation that was well received by our participants. Her speaking style is very approachable and clearly she has an excitement about her topic and the philanthropic sector. I highly recommend Rosetta as a speaker.”

— Alice Ferris, Board President, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Northern Arizona Chapter